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Ag Risk Managers Ltd.
Ag Risk Managers support farmers in business planning, farm business analysis, risk assessment, and work-out plans.  We empower farmers to make informed, timely decisions at any stage of their business.  Our conversations always include financial statements and if this is a limiting subject, we are here to help.

What are my financial statements telling me?
When the financial statements are understood, it brings another element of empowerment to women in agriculture.  It will bring confidence to initiate and participate in conversations with bankers, accountants, financial advisors etc.  The knowledge gained and practiced will lead to informed financial decisions, bring awareness to financial risks, and create excitement for business planning.

This service will start at the place of the farmer and their unique situation.  The discussion will focus on financial statements, what each page explains and how financial statements translate to business results and create a story.  Key ratios and benchmarks, listed below, are examples of where the discussion can lead.

  • Balance sheet
    • Current ratio
    • Working capital
    • Debt/Equity ratio
    • Debt/unit (if applicable)
  • Income/Expense statement
    • Operating expense ratio
    • Cashflow versus Income/expense statement
  • Connecting the income/expense statement to the Balance sheet
    • Debt Service capacity
    • Return on Assets

For further information, contact us
at 514 431-3756 or dimension-e@upa.qc.ca.